We do not offer exchange on any items.

For products purchased on the website, you can submit a request to return any product within seven (7) calendar days from the delivery date of the product (based on the date of receipt on the logistics document).

  • i.Please make sure the product(s) meet the “Return Conditions” stated below
  • ii.Submit the request to SMCP’s customer service team at cs-asia@eshop.maje.com
  • iii.Pack the items in our original box and our logistics partner will contact you to schedule a time for picking up the return products

Please note that returns via normal mail, registered mail and express delivery will not be accepted. If the return does not meet the return conditions, we will contact you and return the product(s) to you at your cost.


The returned products must meet the following conditions in order to be accepted by us:

i.You must have submitted your request to return the product within seven (7) calendar days from the delivery date of the product (based on the date of receipt on the logistics document)

ii.The products are in their original condition (for example, the products are kept intact, unused, unwashed or unaltered, no stains or cosmetics on the products) and the conditions for re-sale of the product have not been affected

iii.The outer package of the product is intact (including the plastic bag or box, please do not stick any tapes or labels directly on our shoe boxes, please put the shoe box into another box or bag).The product accessories, instructions, tags, labels, that came together with the product are intact and need to be returned together

iv.If the product / parcel included additional gifts (gift with purchase promotion), the gift must be returned together with the product. The gift needs to be kept and returned in the same condition as it was received. If the gift cannot be returned, we might ask you to pay an amount equal to the price of the gift indicated by us

v.We will reject and not process any refund on any returned item that has been damaged, soiled, washed, worn or altered, and may return such items to you at your cost


The following items cannot be returned or processed via our website:

i.Products not sold through our official website, which is the Hong Kong official online store, i.e. www.maje.com.hk;

ii.Customized products without quality problems;

iii.Underwear, socks and selected limited edition products without quality problems;

iv.If the product has been used, washed, processed (e.g. altered size), soiled or damaged, the logo is cut, and other merchandise not in re-sale conditions;

v.If the electronic invoice or order number issued at the time of purchase is lost;

vi.If you have not submitted a request to return the product within the return period allowed;

vii.Other circumstances in which the consumer has no right to return according to the applicable law.

viii.For orders placed online during some specific program, some items are non-returnable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Please refer to the program’s terms & conditions for details.
Remark: You cannot return products purchased on our website at Maje physical stores and vice versa.


For the returned products, once we confirm that the return conditions and requirements are met, we will process the refund of the actual amount paid by you within fourteen (14) calendar day after we receive the returned product(s). The time of actual refund to your account depends on different banks or payment platform operations. It may take up to 10-15 business days.

We have the right to only partially refund you the amount if your returned products that were bought together with other products that entitled you to enjoy our threshold promotions or offers.